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"Fiverr Request" New Update - Decrease my orders

sad news fiverr new update “Fiverr Request” now buyer can request what they want .This update decrease lots of order in normal gig after this update my order is decrease 60% not only me every seller has same story .

I am level two seller now i get 1-2 order in 4-5 days from september. Before september i was getting 2-3 order a day.

is you guys facing this issue ?

You can turn off the “request a custom order” button in the backend. Not sure how a buyer requesting your work would decrease sales though :slight_smile:

no man fiverr start for buyer to post request what you want i this update decrease my order because after this update my order start decreasing :confused:

yeah you right my gig impression getting down don’t know the reason :confused:

Reply to @waleedwjk: They made it easier for the buyers to get what they want. Most buyer still use the search feature. Consider polishing up your gigs to make them appear more time in search. Keep an eye on analytics and gig impressions.

Reply to @waleedwjk:
Sales levels rise and fall over time. They might be down now, but they could improve in the future. Keep in mind, though, sellers are not guaranteed sales merely because they have gigs on Fiverr. You need to do work to promote your gigs to help get the word out. If you create gigs, and just let them sit there, hoping someone finds them, then you aren’t doing everything you need to in order to be successful here on Fiverr.