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Fiverr required too much time for Clearance


I have order completely. But fiverr required almost 15 days to clear my fund.
Why Fiverr take too much time for clear my fund?

I hope you have good respond me.

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Everyone seems so impatient. It’s just how long it takes. They are cautious due to concerns about fraud.

The solution is to become a top rated seller and acquire funds after 7 days.

But seriously, there’s nothing wrong with the clearance. Plenty of salaries get paid bi-weekly, and out there in the world of freelancing you might find yourself waiting 30, 60 days or longer. It’s not really that bad in the great scheme of things.

I agree it does take a long time. It should be shorter especially considering that they use paypal and the fact that some people you do a job for choose to not mark the job as done. This causes the system to mark it as done 3 days later which makes a long wait even longer.

What a terrible feature this is–that if a buyer doesn’t bother to mark an order as complete, your $ hangs in limbo for 3 days until automatically released!

Can you imagine the uproar if reviews were suddenly compulsory for payment–but no system was in place to ensure that buyers left the review? That’s a terrible system. Let’s refine it. Buyers MUST leave a review otherwise no $. Even if that system was implemented, I think many of us would wish that this system was back: I’m sure many buyers choose not to share their opinion because although the work wasn’t as they hoped, they don’t want to “ruin” someone else’s career. And of course, with all the pitfalls of the current review system, you don’t want bad reviews. Time for a refund, perhaps?

When no review and waiting a bit would have got you money…

So you want a change in the system. That’s one possible change. It’s not as simple as “gimme my money now”. Just wait. It’s not an unreasonable timeframe.

Become a top rated seller, and enjoy 7-day fund releases. That’s literally the only way around this at the moment. Otherwise, your funds are being protected from fraud and in escrow. Those are both good things.

If all of my clients from outside of Fiverr paid within 15-18 days my life would be a lot easier! Try chasing someone for a couple of hundred dollars AFTER you have already waited for the agreed 30 days. That is too much time. Guaranteed after 15-18 days? That’s a dream!
P.S. Other freelance sites can take around the same amount of time.

Try to be Top Rated. You can get within 7 days :wink:

Reading complains about the 2 week waiting period for fund clearance and the 20% cut that Fiverr gets makes me nervous. This needs to stop! These are two of the several core features of the website for years and they exist for a GOOD reason!

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