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Hello. I am a new seller on Fiverr for almost a month now. I made a few hundred dollars already.
I got a question about Fiverr’s requirements. I always think of a smarter idea to use requirements, I edit them, add new ones, or delete and re-create them. So let’s head over my question.
My question is, is there a way to move the requirements in other order instead of deleting all of them and then adding same things over and over again. I know, that some of sellers don’t really care in which order requirements are placed, but it is important to me, because on one requirement they put entire information when I ask their media name or something and on another requirement, I ask them for all info they got, but they are already put all the info in first requirements. And because of this, I have to re-sort requirements, but it takes so much time to re-create and replace them by orders.
Maybe it’s a feature I didn’t see, maybe it doesn’t exist, but let me know if there’s anything I can do instead of reworking all the requirements over and over again.

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I don’t think there’s a way to re-order them without deleting and adding all the necessary ones in the new order. You could suggest it to Fiver to add that feature.

If Fiverr added an export/import option for our gigs, all these types of options should be possible/simpler.


i also have same problem like you

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You could try working out the order of your requirements in word or something first, before you add them to your gig.

Or even use pen and paper to do that … :memo:


Yes, but it really takes time to re-think if I make mistakes in the wrong order or get more ideas. Should be very useful when sorting with a new feature.
Also, do buyers see all requirements at the same time or one by one? There is also no way to test requirements in preview mode.

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Don’t or didn’t have the FAQs and or gig images a sorting option? In any case a sorting option would be a good idea for all of requirements, FAQs and gig images.

Maybe move your thread to the “Suggestions” category (use the pencil icon next to your thread’s title) for a better chance of it ending up on Fiverr’s To-Do list?

For seeing how things look from buyer’s side, you could place a $5 gig for something you’d like, perhaps a simple drawing for yourself or as a small gift for someone or whatever else you might be interested in. The first gig I bought wasn’t one I needed or wanted but just to see how it looks “from the other side”, was worth it, in my opinion.