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Fiverr Response Rate 67%

Here’s the situation. On may 15th My ISP and Mobile network had to shut down the internet service due to a riot. Administration wanted to stop it till evening of May 17th. I received 2 messages between those days. I couldn’t reply then. My response rate dialed down to 80%. I replied to those messages on 17th. My response rate had dialed down to 75% and it was down to 67% without receiving any messages. After this I’d received messages from a client and replied those quickly as possible. My response rate is still 67%. What should I do?

That’s not a “report a bug”.
That’s how average ratio calculated.

Fiverr is not going to restore your response rate because it’s not a bug even if it’s unfortunate situation for you.

Response rate is calculated average between all orders you received in last 60 days and how many of them you replied.

It can drop down because other messages that was before in 60 date range are not there anymore.


@mariashtelle1 Thanks. How to deal with such situation? Out of office option should I choose? Can I communicate with a buyer with that option on?

There’s an out of office mode in Fiverr. Set yourself to out of office and then your gigs will no longer be viewable and you won’t get any messages that you can’t reply to.