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Fiverr Response rate is going down

My Fiverr level was one but unfortunately due to low response rate my Fiverr level is demoted. Currently my response rate is 83% but i have to maintain the 90% to maintain the level 1. I have completed my 60 order and get the $2000 for achieving the level 2 and i have positive rating 5. I am responding the client immediately but response rate is going down. Kindly suggest me what will i do? Due to level down i am not getting any order.


So sad! It has happened with me too. Fiverr should consider rating too. We can not give response 24 hours. We need to sleep too. There should be any solution for this. May be there is but I do not know.

Now what will i do? What procedure you have followed for increasing the rate?

Enable fiver notifications, enables email notifications on your mobile

Very sad to hear, if your response rate went down that should be because you didn’t replied some of your buyers or did response after a day gape, also similar topic already discussed here!

Hi I’m facing the same problem at the moment. Please can you tell me if you managed to solve it and how?