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Fiverr restricted account

please, my account is been restricted by the fiverr support team for delivering uncompleted job which I later complete. please did anyone know how long my account will be free from this restriction and will my denied gigs be active back


Hello, they usually ban sellers for not delivering a complete order. I don’t have any more information than that.


thanks, so i should ask them to closed the account and start again

You’re free to ask, but sellers aren’t usually allowed to open new accounts after having one restricted. I think the answer to your question, at least at the moment, is likely to be no.

You’ll probably just have to wait and see what happens to your current account.

You could wait and see what they say. They might let you continue with your current account but maybe with a warning. So you could wait and if they say they’re not allowing you to continue with the account you could then ask if you can close that one and create a new one.

I’m very sorry that this happened to you,
I think I’m learning since I’m new

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thanks all is like they place more priority on buyers most not considering sellers too

Have you had any warnings for ToS violations in the past?

yes but not inline with delivery

That’s the fact!
Thank God I found out before it was too late

They do not allow incomplete deliveries. How is that placing more priority on buyers? They do not want buyers to be ripped off!


not that, I understand, the point is that I have completed the job to some extent the buyer went offline for three days waiting for him to give me the content he wants to use.

You can’t make a delivery based on that. You should have asked customer support to cancel.

How can you make a delivery? You can’t. You should have cancelled. To make an incomplete delivery is the same as stealing. You are taking his money and not giving him what you said you would.

It does not make it ok if the buyer is offline for three days. You cannot keep the money anyway.

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okay thanks for that, but did you know how long it will to free my account

I don’t know sorry…

Really appreciate your time

i visit your gig and very impressed that you have got 7 review in 3 to 4 weeks.
i wish you get more success. Keep it moving.You are learning lot of tips through forum.


This isn’t true. Fiverr places more priority on sellers that follow the rules… and you broke one of Fiverr’s most important rules. You cannot complete an order without delivering anything. They were well within their rights to take action against that broken rule. Buyers expect the work they paid for. It reflects poorly on Fiverr if they allow sellers to end an order without delivering what the buyer paid for.


Thank you very much @saggu8834843

If this is your third warning, your account will likely be permanently banned.