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Fiverr Restricted my Account HELP me to get Back

Today, I was talking with my buyer, his brand logo has been created by me.

The buyer ask me about an extra design and said that he will give 5$ extra as a tip. And mention his company/logo name with @phonesinprofit.

"And what colors can I put the logo on?

And if you may, may you put


On a separate.PNG and I’ll pay you in a tip.

Just so I can add that on login sleeves/hoodies/joggers

One in white and one in blue please bro"

So I offered him that LOGO NAME
At that time one of my massage marked as spam.

Fiverr restricted my account because this is 3rd violation warning! (i have access but gigs are denied and massage not send)

kindly view our conversation and request also to reactive my account.

I promise that I will never violate any terms and conditions.

I am totally jobless.

You are at the mercy of customer support and Fiverr itself. 99.9% of the time your account will not be brought back. If it’s one violation it happens, but you had 3. So… you should have known better. Obviously we can’t help you with anything as we are all sellers.

Maybe it was because you wrote the name with the “@” symbol in the message system. Fiverr probably auto flags for that and says “email … is only required if it is necessary for the order”.

You could contact CS and explain it was required for the order and that you weren’t doing anything to communicate off Fiverr.

Or maybe it was because of the message marked as spam. But either way you could explain it to CS and they might remove the warning/restriction.

There are a few things wrong here.

You say you never violate terms and conditions, but you also say you’ve had three warnings. So, clearly you do violate terms and conditions. Most sellers with three warnings are suspended, if you believe what’s written in the forums.

You were probably picked up for including the handle @phonesinprofit . This will likely be viewed by Fiverr as a way to contact buyers outside of the platform, which of course is not allowed and will result in a warning. It’s either an Instagram or Twitter account.

Also, why are you doing work without a proper order being placed by the client? If the client wants extra work done, then they make a new order, or it becomes a gig extra. Often buyers who say they will leave a tip are liars - they say it as an incentive to get you to do the work, and then they never pay it. Fiverr could potentially view this as a breach of TOS as well.

I’m sorry to say that there is nothing that anyone on this forum can do to assist you. If you are lucky enough to survive a third warning, you really do need understand the terms of service better and you need to run your business more professionally. You don’t do work unless an order is in place - no matter what the reason is.

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yeah its because i wrote the name with the “@” symbol in the message system, & maybe it was because of the message marked as spam

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