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Fiverr Restricted my account

The reason is I’ve used a different phone number when i was created my account. Now I don’t have that number and also forget the number. Now My account is in Restricted mode, Can any one help me who have face the same problem like me. How to change my fiverr phone number?

I tried to change my phone no through Setting - Securtiy - Phone Verification. But it will ask my old phone number.

I contacted with the customer support also and there response is like : ( Please note that this not up to us and we are not able to alter this process manually. You will need to have access again to the phone number associated to this account in order to either verify your account, change the phone number or reset your password.

Please let us know once you get a hold on the phone. )

Please help me if face any problem like this. I really love this platform.

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Even the Customer Support can’t Help you than How can we help you.

The only solution is


Thank You @creators1

The problem is almost resolved now. I have reset the password so now the restriction mode is gone, But need to Very my phone number, Any how I recollect the phone number now I used my cousin mobile number.

Thank You,

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You are welcome and Congrats. Keep your account secure.

There is no way to retrieve if you forgot your number

Yes there is no way but if you reset your password the remove the restriction mode but they will still need the phone verification. which I will update after 48 hrs. because I attempt to many time.

hello my account was restricted because of phone number
customer support replied to my email and gave me instructions
i followed instructions which included clearing my cookies
changing password
logging out and logging back in
still cant get rid of “restricted error” need to be back up and moving …in the middle of project…any suggestions? thanks