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Fiverr Return Funds to client that already Cleared

There 1 client that finished order with us. it was 18 days ago. and the funds already cleared 4 days ago.
I dont think there will be a problem because client give 5 stars, satisfied, and used our service.

But today, Fiverr cancelled the order and the fund deducted from my fiverr balance.

$20 is not that big for me, but this Fiverr action makes me really insecure. This may happen to my other big orders.

Do any other seller experience this?

yes same things Happend With me. Buyer think later that he did not recive what he want he goes back to fiverr Support and they cancel your order.

they did`t check deliver files and just mark order. and later they check

Yes i think that for possibility, but that means fiverr not protect us from like this?
example : After the funds cleared, there will be no refund.

I checked the buyer profile, it’s gone. even with incognito (without account).
I think fiverr banned him or something happened.


On the same issue with my friend, Fiverr canceled all the orders worth $ 2600, but my friend makes a mistake fiverr give him 14 days to verify his account but he can’t complete verification in time limit. Please check maybe there is any verification issue with you.
i really appreciate fiverr verification system.

I checked on email that the reason of cancelled order due to late deliveries.

It say I can’t deliver at 21th February. And then i check again, I was delivered the order at 20th February at 5 AM.
My timezone is +07:00. the client is from Canada / USA , it would be delivered at 19th February by client timezone.

So, it’s not a late deliveries. So, if client ask for refund, even that’s not true, the Fiverr will refund it no matter what?

Looks like you totally didn’t understand what I wrote :woman_shrugging:

But I’ll repeat again: your client initiated chargeback with his bank or PayPal. If fiverr support didn’t return your funds right away then you need to contact them with all proofs and they might be able to get your money back.


Okay got it. thanks. i contacted customer support. still waiting their replies

well i guess
the delivery
was to the clients

thank you!!!

chargeback is against fiverr tos. Write them to fully refund your order. about the order cancelation rate… that goes down in 60 days

that’s actually a scam… positive 5 stars then …boom refund… not even asking you anything about it…

anyway it is against ToS… explain this to the customer support

Sorry for late replies. The funds already given to me again after 7 days.
Fiverr said the client bank the one who forced the refund.
Case closed.

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well. i didn’t really care about cancelation rate because the order completion is too many to drag my rating down from 100%.
but thanks, fiverr already give back the funds.