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Fiverr Revenue Calculation


Hope you all doing a great business. Recently I am facing an issue with fiverr revenue calculation.

I have delivered around $225. Got tips in total $29.
Withdrawn only $20. And now its showing my Pending Clearance is $199.
Is there anyone who can help me how can calculate my earnings in a simple way!

Thank You


When you complete an order it takes 14 days for the funds to clear so that you are able to withdraw them.
When you complete an order and the buyer doesn’t rate your work… the funds are in the active orders and after 3 days they move to the pending clearance.Then after another 14 days they are cleared and you can withdraw them…


Maybe a read through the Terms of Service which you will find at the bottom of the main page will answer many of your questions.


Yes thanks for your answer. But can you tell me where can I find my gig extra orders and tips that I got? And when it will get cleared to my account?

Thank You



Gig extras and tips are all linked to a specific gig. When a buyer pays for photo editing and you offer background removal for an extra fee and after the gig is complete the buyer tips you. All of this funds will be added to the original gig.