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Fiverr revenue card and withdraw money


I am having problem with withdrawing my money from fiverr.

My first mistake was not reviewing the money withdrawing methods so much. My second mistake was creating my payonneer account to fiverr without verifying my local bank first.

I have asked about how to delete my bank in payoneer but It can’t be deleted so I can’t apply for an revenue card.
Also somehow I have linked my fiverr revenue card to my payoneer but I haven’t received my card yet and I can’t check it.

The customer service in payonneer is not so good. So automatically I came here and asking for advice of somehow of an solution for this problem.

How to reapply through fiverr for revenue card with a different payoneer account?


@almakamberi I just read out your thread. I am sorry to hear that you’re facing trouble with the withdrawal of your funds. I have some questions for you. Have you tried to contact Payoneer customer care through live chat? Which shipping method did you opt for placing an order of your master card at Payoneer?
I suggest you order your card through DHL. When your order will approve, you can get a tracking number of the order just after 2 days and it will definitely reach your mentioned address within 7 days.
I was also facing the same issue. I just received my card two days ago through this method. Please let me know if you still have any questions. I will be more than happy to assist you. Thank you.

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I only contact them through an customer service which took more than 10 days to reply which I can tell Is not the live chat.

If you can guide me though how to contact them via this live chat. I believe they can help deleting my current unverified bank info so I can apply for the card in express delivery

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Yeah, sure. Please proceed the following link.

They seem to be really busy and not reposing in the live chat.

thank you so much for the fast responses

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I will seggest you to wait for agent response during the live chat. Once you connected with him/her, your problem will definitely be resolved during the live chat. You’re welcome, by the way.