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Fiverr revenue card approval

I link Fiverr revenue card in my Fiverr account about a week ago. But still it doesn’t approve. They show “waiting for card issuer approval”. Is there any problem? Please help me.


Hey @chandranath991 How are you?

What’s Fiverr revenue card?

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I am fine. What about you?

When you work on Fiverr, you need to withdraw your money. From Fiverr revenue card, you can withdraw money.


I’m good but still no sale

Thank you for the info.


[chandranath991] I have the same.


Did you complete all of the steps listed here?

To set up your Fiverr Revenue Card:

  1. Once logged in, from the Selling menu, click Earnings . If you have money available in the Available for Withdrawal area, then you have various options to withdraw funds.
  2. In the WITHDRAW area, click Fiverr Revenue Card .
    A notification appears asking you to check your email for further instructions on adding your Payoneer account, which is the Fiverr Revenue Card.
    Note: Once you receive the email, you will need to define your Payoneer account.
  3. To continue with the process of setting up your Payoneer account, click the link in the email. You will be redirected to Fiverr.
  4. Click Get Started . If you set up a security question or phone verification, you will need to confirm to continue.You will be redirected to the Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard website.
  5. Follow the instructions for the prepaid card setup. If you already have a Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard, then to the right of the page, click the Click Here link to connect it to your Fiverr account.