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Fiverr Revenue Card [ARCHIVED]


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Hi Everyone,

My name is Nissim, I’m Head of Community at Payoneer.

As many of your know, you can now choose to receive your Fiverr earnings directly to the new Fiverr Revenue Card, powered by Payoneer. This card allows you to access your payments in minutes, and can be used to make purchases online, in stores, and at ATMs worldwide.

I started this discussion in order to answer any questions you may have about the card, and receive your comments/feedback. I look forward to hearing from you all.



Hey Nissim,

I already have the Payoneer Debit card with Fiverr. Yesterday I withdrawn my Fiverr Earnings from an ATM here. :slight_smile: Very happy about Payoneer Card.

All The Best!



The cost of receiving a payment to the card is only $2, and a cash withdrawal is only $3.15. It’s possible that the ATM itself has a fee of its own.

Of course, you can avoid the ATM fees entirely and use the card online/in stores to make purchases.


Can I Use it in India…??

How will i get the card in my hand…??

Can i withdraw money from ATM like other debit cards…?




Can I Use it in India…??

How will i get the card in my hand…??

Can i withdraw money from ATM like other debit cards…?




Reply to @nissim_payoneer: can i use my existing payoneer card with i have payoneer card and how can i use that with


is this fiverr card available for central america?

I’m very intersted in all the details in order to get my payoneer fiverr card.


Reply to @seomanual: Yes, you can. This blog post has information on how you can add multiple partners to your Payoneer card:

If you don’t see the option listed on the application (after you choose Payoneer as the payment method for your Fiverr account), please submit a new Payoneer card application. Once we receive it, we will send you details on how you can merge the new application with your existing Payoneer account.


Reply to @startselect: Yes! The card is available to over 200 countries. The only countries we cannot support are those specifically prohibited by the US Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), as Payoneer is a fully regulated US company that must comply with online payment and prepaid card regulations (there are only an extremely small few).

I believe the card is only currently available to level 2 sellers. Once you’re eligible to apply, simply select the Fiverr Revenue Card as the payment method for your Fiverr account and you’ll be directed to an online application page.

UPDATE The card is now available to all Fiverr members.


Thanks for the info nissim!


oh…how nice of you to come out to help…Appreciate your effort…And also this will be very helpful…

I have this problem…I had payoneer card already activated…when i became level 2 seller i loved to have that card with fiverr label and i was confused…contacted support team and got to know that I have to ask from payoneer to make arrangements to purchase that card…

But in that point i already have clicked on the fiverr card purchase button in fiverr revenue section and filled information also…So what I got to notice is my existing card was rejected or something…Now I can’t log in to my account in payoneer…

can i have the chance to reset my account via email? If that is possible that way is a very friendly way… :slight_smile:


Reply to @mighty_dil: Of course, we can disable your old account, and move all your previous payments methods onto a new Fiverr Revenue Card, so that you can get the cool new design. I must say, I really like it, too! Fiverr did a great job with it. The issue is that we only allow (1) active account per person.

You can contact me at:



Can I verify my PayPal account through the payoneer card.


Erm, i tried signing up for one, but it said not available anymore…

Am i the only one?


Reply to @photobook: You will need to wait for Fiverr customer support to assist you with the pending Fiverr withdrawal.


Reply to @gd2012: Thanks! If you already have a Payoneer card you’ll need to submit a new card application via Fiverr. Once we receive it, we will then send you an e-mail with a link you can use to merge that pending application with your existing Payoneer card.

@bigy: I’m sorry to hear that - can you please e-mail me at I’ll be sure to look into this right away.


Hi Nissimal having a bit of an issue I registered my card, activated by phone, but not able to login to my Payoneer account, says wrong details. Transfered a about $260 over to it but not able to accept. Logged a ticket with support but no one has got back to me yet.




Never used this but it looks like its a good idea for people without paypal


What an amazing idea!! man you are a true entrepreneur


hi, can you use it to as primary card for paypal?