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Fiverr revenue card button is gone

Hey everybody around here, I’m new on fiverr, and i want to ask if anybody knows, my Fiverr Revenue card is suddenly gone. I already use it for 1 time and it works. but today the button is gone. can anybody tell me what should I do? thanks for sharing dude. your answer will really help me :smiley:

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I’d recommend you restart your browser. In case it doesn’t show up, clear your cache memory and log in again.
Perhaps, you don’t know where it is, simply go to selling on the top right of your screen, then click on earnings, you should see it after the paypal button. In case none of this works, then contact the Fiverr Customer support and make them aware of the situation but it should work.


Hey, thanks for your respond…the problem is solved.thankyou :smiley:
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