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Fiverr Revenue Card Fees


I checked fees table. There is 5$ is for activation. There is nothing about yearly charge for card. As I know peyoneer charges 29$ as yearly fees. Is it free for fiverr Revenue Card?


how to get Fiverr Revenue Card??


I did some digging into this a while ago. I couldn’t get any in depth info other than over at the Payoneer forum. However, what swung it for me is that the funds on your card will always be in US dollars. What this means, is that as well as other fees you pay whatever MasterCard’s exchange rate is with every transaction. In this case, if you are outside of the US and can use Paypal or the Bank Transfer option this is (in my opinion) the best way to withdraw funds.


peyoneer mastercard charges yearly fees 29$ every year.but this card will be charged? I need to know this


same question


To answer this, as far as I am aware, the Payoneer card does not charge annual fees if you apply for the card through Fiverr. I have one and pay $1 per load (based on 3 day loading times) and $3 per month if I don’t use the card to make direct ATM withdrawals. If I did make them these would be charged at $3 per withdrawal.


Hello guys, same question


Fiverr Revenue Card is a Payoneer MasterCard.