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Fiverr Revenue Card? help

I have some questions about the Fiverr Revenue.

1: Can i use it anywhere like a debit card?

2: Is there any catches?

3: If i give fiverr my adress to mail the card would i get any spam mail in the future?

4: should i get a fiverr card or just transfer my money to paypal?


Hello! I would like to know the same!

I have ordered the card!

The best way to use the Payoneer card is in stores where they accept MasterCard (which is pretty much everywhere). The withdrawal fees are smaller that way, currency is converted more favorably for you (if dollar is not your local currency - Jelena, I’m looking at neighborly you here :slight_smile: ), and if you have 4 or more transactions per month (easily achieved if you’re using the card to buy groceries), you’re paying $1 instead of $3 as the monthly maintenance fee.

Wow thank you for these replies answered my questions! :slight_smile: