Fiverr revenue card Inactive


Hey Guys,
I’ve received my Payoneer Card today, as i’ve ordered " Fiverr Revenue Card " ,But when i go to Revenue Page to withdraw my revenue into my Payoneer card, the Button of " Fiverr revenue Card " is INACTIVE, it says " card approved, check you email for activation instructions"

then i go back to my email for the mail that Fiverr send me 1 MONTH AGO when i first ordered my Card, when i open the Link that tells me that i’ve to open it to link my payoneer account, It opens to the same Revenue Page with the Same Issue…!

Any Help ?


i have the same issue help me


I don’t use Payoneer so I don’t have any experience with this, but it seems to me that you might want to contact Fiverr Customer Support and/or Payoneer Customer Support and ask them. I don’t know if this is something Fiverr staff can help you with or not, but surely you can get knowledgeable help from one of those two places.

Fiverr Customer Support
Payoneer Customer Support


Did you indeed activate your card though? If I recall correctly, the instructions are on the same sheet to which the card is attached when you receive it. I think it involved logging into Payoneer, clicking on an activation option, and following some instructions.


thanks for replying .
i’ve send a message to customer support, waiting for their answer,

I’ve activated the Payoneer account, but i can’t link it to Fiverr, as Fiverr revenue card is Inactive.


Log into your payoneer account and activate the card using card details.


i did that, I activated my Payoneer account.


You have to activate your card too.
It is also donr via payoneer account


You have to activate your card too.