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Fiverr Revenue card information

hi there
I need to know the benefits of Fiverr Revenue Card! is this card charge 30$ per year as other Payoneer master card charges the amount in every year?

I’ve got one and all I paid was a $5 activation fee. No mention of an annual charge.

do you get it recently?

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Just a few weeks ago.

thanks for your information!

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If you get Payoneer card from Payoneer website directly. You will be charged annual fee.
Here is details of Fiverr revenue card.

thanks for the link @mmh4560

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That’s really depends on what the type actually is, I think there is a possibility to pay 30 per year if there were such information (but I don’t know about the fees in this situation), or other type you might pay 5 for activation and then you have to get some activity on the card every 30 days or otherwise they will take 3 dollars just so for no activity on the card, also you will pay 1 dollar each time you withdraw your money to payoneer (or 3 dollars if you want it to take a few hours insted of a few days), I can’t say about other fees, I guess you can find more on the payoneer.