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Fiverr revenue card is a terrible idea


So, I just would like to say that I think this Fiver Revenue card by Payoneer is a terrible idea for any seller here on fiver and in my professional opinion would advise against it. Why would anyone do this, unless Paypal isn’t available in your area?

Come on people its the New Year so lets start by making some better decisions. My card is still sitting here and I think I would like to use it as an ornament or some sort of wall decoration.

Can you tell me some of the benefits users are actually experiencing with his card? Paypal has a flat rate(i believe) of 3% + 0.30 cents. Again don’t quote me on that.

As soon as I saw the five dollar activation fee I was already convinced but I thought I’d see what other fess the had. When you look at the “tremendous” list of applicable fees that can be found on the schedules page( I just dont see who this prodict is supposed to be appealing to.

I just want to know honestly, what is the purpose of this card other than another way to gouge the sellers of their revenues once again? Thanks in advance for the input.


I agree that the fees are high, but I think the fiverr revenue card will work for me. For starters, I only plan to withdraw my earnings monthly instead of each time my sales clear. I’m not a big fan of paypal and this was a major reason why I didn’t list my services here.

I think the purpose is for those fiverr sellers like myself. Not everyone is paypal friendly. Payoneer has been around for quite some time and I’ve used them before when I worked as a freelancer on Guru (I’ve switched to Elance now). At first, I was very unhappy about their fees, but I have found ways to avoid them.

  1. I make sure I use my card at least once every thirty days to avoid the $3.00 dormant fee

  2. The $5.00 activation fee is done, that’s not something I have to worry about anymore.

  3. I don’t incur atm balance inquiry fees because I use the payoneer app on my iphone to keep track of my balance when I’m out.

  4. I avoid the atm decline fee since I only take out what I know I have.

  5. The loading fees are what bothers me the most. Paypal takes a small percentage when you withdraw to them, but $5.00 for express delivery? Come on Payoneer. Since I refuse to use paypal, I have to deal with my only other option at this point. I use the $1.00 option and just wait out the two days. It’s not worth it unless it’s a large amount and I want my money right away.

  6. The cash withdraw fee is horrendous, but I have found ways to get out of that. I go into my local Walmart and do cash back. You can take out up to $100.00 via cash back and avoid that lousy fee. Otherwise, I make sure I pull out enough cash so that I’m not incurring that terrible charge plus the actual atm fee.


The Fiverr Card is my best option since I am from Jamaica. Paypal do not deposit funds to my bank account I would have to request a check which is not an option for me.

I do use paypal sometimes since I buy stuff online a lot.