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Fiverr Revenue Card (Not Arrived)?

Hi all of you,

I have applied for Revenue Card before a month maybe.Estimate time to arrive is (from 29.Aprill to 06.May). I havent receive yet it. I have talked to support of Payoneer and they told me to wait and 2 days and if it not comes to apply for new one. Is anyone here that the card was deelayed more days? How much to wait or to apply for new card? Is there any other option to receive moneys

Thank you for answears,


Yes i will wait 2 more days but how i see the card will not arrive.I have readed that many people dosnt receive the cards successfully :S.

I have not received the card please tell my some one do you receive an email when you have applied for the card because i received none and lost my $30 from my fiverr account.