Fiverr revenue card (payoneer) usage!


Hello fiverr exparts,
I had a fiverr account earlier and I had done some job there, unfortunately fiverr has disabled that account with some revenue. Then I requested to support team and they had gave me time to withdraw. Then I add my payoneer account to withdraw and the fiverr account had been disabled again permanent. Now I have create another account on fiverr following the service terms.
Here my question is, can I use my old fiverr revenue card (payoneer account) for my new fiverr account?? I have that only single payoneer card.


You have to contact Payoneer support and ask them to detach your old Fiverr account from your payoneers’ funding source. Then you can add it to your new Fiverr account.


Please contact with customer support for more details


I have contacted to payoneer support, where I didn’t get the exact topic “removing of funding source” and further they haven’t mailed me yet with any solution…what to do now??
If they help me out by removing funding source from payoneer, then I can add my new account following regular process? Or I have to do anything more??


Do a Live chat with Payoneer support, make them remove old Fiverr account and then add new account. That’s it.


That’s the most effective way :slight_smile:
After payoneer remove your old Fiverr account, you can add this to your new account.