Fiverr Revenue Card Problem Sollution [ANSWERED]


Please help me… My Payoneer Account has been blocked. For this I can not withdraw my funds from Fiverr. Paypal is not supported in Bangladesh. How Can I withdraw my funds now ? May I add my MOM’s Payoneer Account on my Fiverr Account ? How to remove my disabled Payoneer Account from Fiverr and add My MOM’s Payoneer account ?



I hope it doesn’t have to do with the fact that they saw your name and your picture and something didn’t fit…


Please tell me the way to add a new Payoneer account on Fiverr ( my mom’s Payoneer account).


The way is clicking here:

Customer Support

And open a ticket explaining your problem.


T tried it. Fiverr ask to contact with Payoneer and the otherhand Payoneer ask to contact with Fiverr.


Why they closed your account in the first place?


They said that my movement was out of their terms and condition.


PLease let me the way to fix it.


If you did something outside their Terms and Conditions you should be dealing with them (Payoneer) not in the Forums…


Thank you for your comment.


Good luck with that!


Hi. I faced a similar problem recently. Well, not quite similar as I didn’t do anything against conditions. My card got damaged and I had to issue a new one. Same thing happened with me first that Fiverr would tell me to ask Payoneer and vice versa. However, I contacted Payoneer and told them my card is damaged so they guided me to the page where I applied for a new one (with fees, of course).
And don’t worry about how to change one in fiverr settings. As soon as you’ll activate your new card, it’ll automatically be replaced by the previous one in every place you’re using it (including Fiverr).
Now still, I don’t know if that would work for you as your was blocked due to violation of some law. But still I hope it helps.


@wuerz123 I’m becoming quite a fan of your sarcasm. :stuck_out_tongue:


Someone very intelligent once said something like this:

Those who understand sarcasm are the real open minded


Thanks Saad. But I am hopeless


Now that’s completely different problem because becoming hopeless is really something I can’t help with.


Removing an account and add one new is really possible ?


From fiverr? No it can’t help you.
Your issue is not linked with fiverr at all. It has to do something with payoneer. You have a apply and get a new one.