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Fiverr Revenue Card Problem

I’am Fiverr member and i won’t to have a Fiverr payoneer Card.
I sent the request by clicking on Fiverr Revenue Card button on renenue page on Fiverr.
I submit a screenshot that i have payment available on my Fiverr account.
I have 20 day but i don’t receive anything from payoneer either from Fiverr administration.
What i have to do, i’m blocked here !

Are You registered on Payoneers site?

yes of course

Payoneer has contact with me to send for him a screenshot about my payment available and i already do it .

But no reponse after that from Payoneer.

Hello There ! No reponse ! Please help

Please help

Don’t you have paypal ?

We can’t verify paypal in ou country !

I want the payoneer solution ! thanks

I have the same problem and I’ve contacted the payoneer customer support by live chat and they told me that my problem will be forwarded to the right department and in maximum 2 days my account will be unlocked.

So, the solution I think will be to contact live customer support and speak with them directly.

i have my pending clearance whenever i am going to withdraw money then i have following error.
which is explain in below attach image .please kindly resolve


Interesting. I was going to do direct deposit into my bank account to save the Paypal fees but it sounds like Payoneer is not as easy or quick. Has anyone done a direct deposit through Payoneer?

Their message is clear. Get a dictionary.
How do you think that anybody in the forum can help you with this?