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Fiverr Revenue Card Problem


I requested payoneer card twice and didnt receive , then i selected payoneer from fiverr revenue card option as my payment method and still i didnt received that card . Now i want to change payoneer to some other company like skrill or any other if possible …


It would be best you try to contact Payoneer’s customer service.


my fiverr revenue card button is disabled . i want to re enable it …
Should i contact payoneer or fiverr ?
and is fiverr providing online customer services ??


Have you actually gone through the Fiverr/Payoneer Fiverr Revenue Card application process? You don’t receive a card just after hitting the Fiverr Revenue Card button. Instead you will be sent a link via email to an online application form which you will have to complete. After this you have to wait 1-2 weeks for your card to arrive, activate it online and then go back to Fiverr to withdraw your funds.

If you haven’t completed all of the above steps, the Fiverr Revenue Card button will be disabled until you do.


sir i canceled my payoneer account . can you please tell me steps … i want to re-enable my fiverr revenue card option :frowning:


did you get the solution ?? i’m facing the same problem