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Fiverr revenue card question after connecting accounts


2-3 weeks ago i have registered an account with payoneer. Didnt order card than.

week and a half ago i’ve went ahead and tried to connect my fiverr acount to payoneer. Than i filled upform to connect my existing payoneer account and was informed that i will get email when my card is shiped.

Now the question is, i didnt pay anything to payoneer, just got that message that i will recive it and that confuses me a bit. Any one know whats going on? Fiverr and Payoneer suports dont have a clue


It’s a Payoneer issue, nothing to do with Fiverr. :wink:

Give Payoneer a reasonable time to get your card to you, if you don’t receive it, contact them again.


But my quesiton is. Should i pay them that 30$ or no. As the message on fiverr stated it will be shiped to me and i will be notified when its sent?


Sorry - what $30 do you mean? I got a Payoneer card and it didn’t cost me anything?


Most of the time, when you register an payoneer account, they will automatically send a payoneer card for you.
The bad thing is that they tend to send the card to your billing address without any notification.
It is not a big deal. It is free. My PO card is renewed many times, and it’s always free.


Hmm, from their messages and support i was noted that the cards anual fee is 30$.

In order to recive it i need to pay 30$ and thats on their site. But since i didnt order card from them i just connected my account to fiverr acount and i got message that i will get card.

This part is confusing me will i or will i not recive card.

this is bugging me as no one fro both supports doesnt know and tell me to ask other support


Yes, the site does mention that you need to pay $30. Actually it’s free.
Maybe it is their policy at the current time.
For your information, PO’s global customer support is pretty slow. You should check if there is PO representatives in your area and contact them directly. To my knowledge, PO installed many local representatives in different countries and they are doing great.


So the part, where fiverr gave me that message that my card will be sent, is true? Ill be reciving the card or?


Yes, you will receive the card - free of charge. I believe they will also send a tracking number for the shipment soon.