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Fiverr Revenue Card vs Bank Transfer

Hello Everyone!

Need help comparing both Withdraw Methods. Please answer these questions. I’ll be thankful to you for any answers.

Setup or Activation charges
Revenue Card: 5$*
Bank Transfer: ?

Minimum Withdraw:
Revenue Card: 20$*
Bank Transfer: 50$*

Withdraw Fee or Charges
Revenue Card: 1$*
Bank Transfer: 3$*

Monthly Maintenance Fee :
Revenue Card: FREE
Bank Transfer: ?

Inactivity Fee :
Revenue Card: 3$*
Bank Transfer: ?

Will I get a Debit Card?
Revenue Card: YES
Bank Transfer: ?

Any other FEE?
Revenue Card: ?
Bank Transfer: ?

  • Is this correct?

P.S. I’m posting this after reading more than 30 posts (Fiverr + Google). Please help me. It will be useful for others too.

Some Useful Information: I’m from Pakistan. I’m not interested in any Debit Cards and I’ll avoid it as I already have a Debit Card of my Local Bank Account (Meezan Bank). I’m also comfortable receiving money after weeks or even a month.

Thank you!


i see you posted it in 2016 and didn’t got answer. can you tell which method you are using im also confused.

i am using Revenue Card,
if you use Payoneer for withdraw than select Fiverr Revenue Crad option Not bank transfer

For me,

Bank Transfer is a better option as this does not have too many charges. You just have to pay $3 at the time of withdrawing money. No more charges.

  • Currency exchange applies
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Both Payoneer prepaid MasterCard & Fiverr revenue cards are the same, right? Please tell! If yes, then what if I link the Payoneer account to Fiverr via the bank transfer option? Won’t I still be able to use Payoneer prepaid Mastercard? If I can use then what is the difference between both options? Only fee difference? Also, If I select Fiverr revenue card option, then won’t I still be getting money in my Payoneer account at the end of the day from where money can eventually be withdrawn to local bank account just as when we select “Bank Transfer” option. Again what is the difference then other than fee? Kindly correct if I am getting anything wrong!

how much you pay for card?

How can we setup fiverr revenue card if we don’t have $100 balance in Payoneer account? As they changed their policy now, the don’t allow to order card without $100 funding transactions in 6 months.