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Fiverr revenue card withdraw, where are my earnings?


I earned $64 and for the first time i hit the withdraw cash through the revenue card option.

after a wile it said withdrawal completed successfully.

but i haven’t recieved any mail or any further update from fiverr

whats happening?

please help



Have you checked your spam folder? Are you checking the email you registered your Payoneer account with? The email should definitely be there.


but its about 3 days and I haven’t recieved any mail…


@genuinefunkaar Yeah, that’s the way Fiverr rolls. You press the button ONCE, and the money is gone from your account. You should get an email from Payoneer once it hits your card. Then, your balance in Fiverr will forever more be minus that $64 and every other new withdrawal. In other words, they have not figured out a way to display you total all time earnings. Scary, huh?


Have you created an account with Payoneer online? If so, log into it and do their live chat. I’ve always found Payoneer to be super easy to use.


I checked the email registered with payoneer and with fiverr, and yes I have checked the spam folder as well and the log in page of payoneer…

thanks for the advice ill try the chat option.

its really frustrating


If you are using Gmail please check in your promotion tab and you will be able to see the email.


check you spam or junk folder, first payoneer will send you an email saying whether you need to transfer it urgent or normal, when you check one of the option than they will take further action.


You need to contact with payoneer chat support team they will help you as much possible :slight_smile:


Osman shahbaz



It was in a strange folder i just discovered in my gmail… it wasnt spam, or anything. the mail went in my promotions folder, which is self made by google. strange but true :stuck_out_tongue: