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Fiverr Revenue Card Woes [ARCHIVED]

Ok, so I got the Fiverr Revenue card through the mail and thought what the hell I’ll activate it, did over the phone, pretty simple. Transfered $300 I had clear from my last run, Tried to login to the account at Payoneer, no account by that login, hmm strange I think to myself, I use one email address and one only whats the issue here, So far Payoneer haven’t replied to me and the cash is gone from Fiverr. Whats a guy to do? I appreciate it’s the weekend. So may just wait till monday to sort.

Anyone else had issues with the Fiverr Revenues card and logging in to Payoneer?


Wayne Austin

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I stayed away from the Card not just because of the charges but the ULTIMATE GLITCHES that can occur any moment and take away your money for life!

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Oh crap, Im one of those that never reads T&C’s what were the charges off the top of your head?

Great Stuff :slight_smile:

Ouch. Time to cancel this thing and get my funds back!

Thanks for your help again. This is becomming a regular thing maybe I should pay you $5!

Ouch. Time to cancel this thing and get my funds back!

Thanks for your help again. This is becomming a regular thing maybe I should pay you $5!

ozzieuk said: Ouch. Time to cancel this thing and get my funds back!

Thanks for your help again. This is becomming a regular thing maybe I should pay you $5!

That's a really heartfelt and awesome communication of appreciation! :)

I think that's the point of a forum too. None of us is a smart and capable and aware as all of us.


Like Madmoo, I stayed away from the card because of all the fees. There’s something like $2 for transferring the money and $3 per month for just having the card. There are also fees for withdrawing the money from an ATM. PayPal has a $1 charge and that’s the only amount that I’ve ever seen come off my money. I don’t believe in paying so much for my own money but it is an ok option for those who cannot withdraw money from PayPal.

The card is handy if you don’t have a credit card and want to get stuff online, or need a credit card anywhere. Video store, bla bla bla. It works as a Mastercard so… like I said. Want to buy something online or pay something, use the Master card.

The fees aren’t that bad. Better than a lot of pre-paid credit cards out there.

Quick rundown.

$2.00 to transfer funds from Fiverr. (Takes around 2 days).

$5.00 for immediate transfer. (Immediate. LOL)

So right there, you don’t want to transfer small amounts. Save up and transfer a large amount. If you use the $2.00 method it’s actually only $1.00 more than transfering to PAy-Pal. And you get all the perks of having a credit card. Good deal for an extra buck. Impatient? Immediate load beats waiting.

There are no fees for using the card unless you go to an ATM and withdraw cash. Again, unless you NEED cash, use the card at your favorite variety store, coffee shop, etc. No extra charges. But, if you DO need cash it’s an extra $3.00. So don’t just take out $20.

Being able to take cash out within 10 minutes is great though. No waiting a few days. Need cash right away? Instead of waiting a week using Pay-Pal just transfer it over using immediate and withdraw it almost right away. You can’t beat that.

So. Yes. You pay for the service, but it’s all in how you use it. Don’t keep withdrawing small amounts. Do one big one and you’re saving lots of cash. Unless you need to, don’t withdraw cash. Just use the card like a credit card or debit card and it doesn’t cost any more.

All in all, I use mine all the time and it works out only being a few bucks more per month than transfering to Pay-Pal. And it’s well worth it for the convienence that a credit card offers. Remember folks, it’s all in how you manipulate something to your usage!

As for this original post question. I’ve never had any problems. But you should have made sure you could access your account before you put money through. Then again, you can’t send money to an non-existent account. It won’t let you. So your money is there. Somewhere.

I’m not sure about anywhere else but PayPal in the UK is really convenient now. The transfer from Fiverr takes a matter of minutes and then it takes a couple of hours to transfer into the bank account (for free). The only downside is having to convert $ to £ - but that would have to be done on the revenue card anyway. I can then use the money for my direct debits as well as paying for items.

I don’t bother with pre-paid credit cards. I have my two personal credit cards and my business one so that’s more than enough for me. There are no charges for withdrawing money with my debit card unless I go to ATMs where they state there is a charge - I avoid them as much as possible and usually only find that they are needed at some petrol stations.

But what works for one doesn’t work for another. Some people have found the card perfect for their needs. But, I’m sure there is a monthly charge for having the card - I even think the Payoneer guy on here mentioned it in a thread somewhere - but there’s something about you only pay that fee when there is money loaded onto the card.

Reply to @madmoo: That must be nice. For me (Canada) it takes 5-8 business days to transfer the money to my bank. And I’m verified and all that, but I guess that’s just how long it takes. Generally, I transfer money once a week, to mimick a normal pay-check. I should also add that I have a regular credit card, but am one of the remaining few people on the planet that hates using my credit card online. So, using the Fiverr card when needed is great.

Yeah, I had the experience of dealing with Payoneer once. I’d made about $250 for a gig I did on and unfortunately chose to be paid via Payoneer. If I’m correct, it was like $14.95 just to get the card (first load), then so much per month and so much for ATM withdrawals! When I got the card, I withdrew all the money on the card (via ATM) and cut the card up. Payoneer is nothing but fees.

For some though, PayPal is not an option, so it is nice to have options. I am sticking with PayPal.

I would very much like to get an update on this.

Were you able to find / locate and retrieve your funds that disappeared into the aether?

Were you able to cancel your card without difficulty?

Took 2 days for me :slight_smile:

Ok writing back, today I only just got access to the funds from Payoneer, blood sweat and tears were shed in the process of getting my account activated let me tell you. Here’s my experience, As soon as the cash is spent, I’m gonna close the card down, like many on the internet I am always guilty of not read T&C’s fully and didn’t realise the astronomical fees for the card

I have attached a screen shot of the actual fees once I got access to my account. I think for some great it might work if you can’t get PayPal, but I live in the UK and PayPal will transfer to your bank Free of charge within 2 hours so will just use this for new deposits.

Now I have to spend my $272 -$5 Activation -$5 Load amount -Whatever other fees there was, pocket money I might buy myself a cool Christmas Present with.

Bye for now :slight_smile:

Those fees are insane. Do they expect people to use this if they have an alternative!?

they’re not great are they ?

I actually lost $13.00 getting the card and loading it for the first time. Time to spend and cancel ! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the follow up. The best to you.