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Fiverr Revenues broken down by month with the click of a button


Want to get your Fiverr Revenues broken down by month? This is how… :open_mouth:

I’ve created a small script the sits on your browser as a button, when you click this button it scans your revenue details, breaks them down by type and month and then displays them to you in a pop-up table.

Don’t waste time manually counting, calculating and adding to your spreadsheets. This script will do it for you and you can then just copy and paste to your own records!

If you purchase my gig I will send you (very easy) instructions on how to set this up in your browser.

I would also love to hear if anyone has any suggestions for other items they’d like to see reported on. I plan on future upgrades to this script to make it even better and more useful.

I created this gig to help me get to Level 2 seller, I’m only 11 gigs away so if you purchase my gig within the next 5 days I will give you FREE upgrades to this script.

Please view the video on my gig to see exactly how the button works and purchase today!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: