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Fiverr Revenues NEED AN ADVICE!

Please someone tell me the meaning of between these phrases

Revenue for Order Completion and Funds Cleared

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@kjblynx need your help my friend

When an order is completed, it shows as “Revenue for Order Completion” in revenue page and the standard 14 days Clarence period begins.

Basically “Revenue for Order Completion” is the revenue which you earned successfully as its order is completed either by review or automatic system after 3 days.

Funds Cleared are the amounts which clear on that day. For which Pending Clearance Period is ended and those are cleared in your amount and available to use or withdraw.


Fiverr orders have statuses.

Go to your Sales area and see a row with the following. A drop down enables you to sort through the categories.


Active (order is in and in process)

**Active Orders can be “InComplete” when Buyer did not submit information required (Clock not Running). Seller “nudges” Buyer to submit info through the “Order Page” (Clock will Start).

Completed (order is delivered and one of the following)

A) Completed by Buyer.

B) Auto complete (Buyer does not review. Auto takes up to 3 days)

Delivered (order is delivered, but Buyer hasn’t picked it up)

Buyers can “Reject/Request Modification”. Seller must redeliver & cycle restarts with A or B above.

Cancelled (order was cancelled by Buyer or Seller)

NOTE: Funds are not available until;

  • The order is completed (see Completed A / B above)
  • And the 14 day pending period expires

    – Funds available take up to 17 days (1 to 3 days + 14 day pending period)


    How long for delivered order to Clear?

    Upon delivery, orders take 0 to 3 days to “complete” (3rd day is auto-complete).

    Once “complete”, it takes another 14 days for funds to “clear”.

    So, funds “clear” and are “available” in 14 to 17 days.

    You cannot connect your PayPal until you have funds “available”.

It takes too long for payments to clear and I don’t understand on the day it says it cleared why you have to wait until the next day to have access to the funds it is really ridiculous. Fiverr should stop holding on to the funds so long and making interest off of them. Anyone who has ever worked in payroll or an office job that dealt with pay roll understands that is what they are doing. It takes no more than 3 days for payments to clear and honestly no more than 2-3 internationally. Right now there is no competition so, you have to deal with it.

Another Question does INCOMPLETE orders are included in UP COMING earnings?

Reply to @mclabz: Yes, so you have to deduct that amount from any incomplete orders to figure out your real earnings.

Reply to @cheezees: I mean JAMMED orders also?