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So, I made a sale recently and I was wondering My first sale I had to wait 14 days in order for me to get my money, Do i have to wait 14 days every sale or just my first sale? Because waiting 14 days is just way to long.

Unfortunately it’s every sale. Once you get regular sales though, you’ll have money clearing all the time. It’s just that initial period which can be really tough.

:frowning: Is there a way to increase the speed of it or am I stuck with 14 days?

@addictedgmr No. It’s always 14 days for each transaction (of the most recent funds) to clear. However once you’ve accrued a pool of resources of cleared funds, you’re golden.

So wait, Where can I buy a Fiverr Revenue Card?

Reply to @addictedgmr: You’re stuck at 14 days, sadly. Usually it’s longer, as some orders take 3 days to automatically complete. It is a pain, but as Eddie said, does get easier once you’ve gotten on a roll and have money clearing daily.