Fiverr Review & Feedback



I am new in Fiverr. Already I got 27 orders. All orders Now I completed. But only 16 buyers gave me the review. others order automatically marked. Please suggest me how can I improve my positive review. I am so disappointed for this matter.

Thanks for your time.



Buyers are not obligated to submit a review. I have over 1.100 orders that went unrated.

It sucks. But on the other hand, there’s not much you can do.

A proven method -for me at least- is to have a footnote on your delivery message prompting them to leave submit a review.


Thanks for your advice.


@greatest_design Please stop sending me messages through my profile. Stop spamming people, that’s another tip on your road to success.


1000 likes for that!


Why? Is it enough for me?


@greatest_design Let’s be real here:

you are not a girl. You are not the person you show in your profile picture.

Having the username “greatest_design” does not make you the greatest designer. I just combed through your work.

You do not use your name. So I personally would not trust you, because you refer yourself to “greatest_design” and because you are impersonating an attractive female.

You did all those things, and then sales stopped coming. And here you are asking what to do.

Well this is me telling you where you went wrong. Do what you will with it.