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Fiverr review problem


I have review problem…

I complete order on 24 Jun 2018 and delivery the order on time…

But after one day he accepts the order after this I message him for give a review…
After accepting order he(Buyer) said"sorry friend I’m busy with work as I only picked up 5 sites that I like but since I kept u waiting long I just accept it. will order more in the future"
And Then again he(Buyer) said “hmm I don’t know why it won’t let me do a review. I accepted the order through phone but now the review option isn’t available” Date:26 Jun 2018
Then I (Seller) said “As a new freelancer review is more important to me…Please do this for me when the option is available…you can do this from your PC… Please help me” Date: 26 June 2018
Then he(Buyer) said"Yes I will don’t worry" Date: 26 Jun 2018

Already 2 days gone he is not come in online and not given the review…

What can i do now? Please suggest me…

I am a new seller and still member in Fiverr for 6 months…

Leave him alone and stop annoying him.

If you bugged me like that, you’d probably get a review you wouldn’t want. :roll_eyes::wink:

Buyers don’t have to leave reviews, and shouldn’t expect to be hassled by sellers after they’ve delivered.

Added - I’ve seen this a couple of times in the last day or so.

Is this to stop the 4.3/4.7 bug? :thinking:

If no reviews can be left on the app, mistake reviews can’t be left either?


I know how important a review is especially when you are new seller on the platform but I think you have to watch out with mentioning “review” or even asking about one as I think it triggers the system or something. I’ve read a thread once wherein the seller got warned regarding this, I can’t recall if it’s because he typed the word review but I am pretty sure it was related to him mentioning about reviews with the buyer.


Another very good reason not to approach your buyer after delivery! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @kamrul_hasan27
Just writing this again to update you. I know how important is a review to a seller here on fiverr.

I asked about this from CS, because one of my buyers said that he can’t post a review.… CS said “At this time you can only leave feedback using a PC or a MAC”

I think they are working on something and solve this soon.
Good luck! Happy Sales!


Thank you…For your help…


Thank for your help…

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So that means they can’t leave one on mobile? Interesting. At least sellers can still respond to reviews through mobile.


You’re practically begging for a bad review. Not every sellers give reviews, some were not 100% satisfied, others hired a competitor and don’t want anyone to know, some don’t like giving bad reviews but hate giving a good review when they didn’t love the work.

Besides, just because they didn’t review you doesn’t mean they won’t order again.