Fiverr review rant!


Why does it seem that Fiverr continues to throw its sellers under the bus?
I’m a freelancer who prides myself on maintaining a great review record. I do so by providing the utmost of services to my buyers.
Every now and then I’ll work with someone who just isn’t happy for no apparent reason.
Now, according to Fiverr’s new policy, a buyer can leave a falsely based negative review and the seller has zero recourse???
What is this about?!
This buyer took 10 days to submit her review that contained false information. According to Fiverr, by her taking so long, she denied me of the opportunity to leave a review of my own detailing my experience with the buyer!
So - in effect - if your buyer wants to be nasty, wants to lie, or say anything to slander a seller, they can do so at the 10 day mark and the seller is HELPLESS to do anything about it!!!
I’m honestly SEVERELY unhappy about this. This is not the first time I have reached out to Cust Support for assistance with a BS buyer and each time I was told that there was “nothing” Fiverr can do to help!

I have worked for other Freelance sites and have never received such disregard as a seller.
What sort of protection does Fiverr offer the sellers whom they make money off of?!?
Answer: ZERO

Fiverr, you should be ashamed.


Hi @lcwritten,

Please, don’t take me the wrong way but, if I were you, I would immediately erase what you wrote in your profile description. You could get into serious trouble if you keep it as it is right now.


Why can Fiverr control what we include in our profile but not permit us the opportunity to reply to a buyers review? Seems a bit like a double standard, right? TY for the heads up though.


They are supposed to be bringing in the ability to reply to reviews at some point (seller ==> buyer). Fiverr will not like you using your profile to reply.

I can understand your sentiments entirely, but you got a 4.5 which is actually really good.


Good - not great, and also false. The buyer lied. I not only provided EASY to follow detailed instructions, but also offered a free re-check afterward which she failed to mention in her left-handed compliment.
I revised my profile. BUT I would love to hear from FIVERR offering me some responsible restitution. SO far they have done nothing but the same old useless BLAH BLAH BLAH.


Also, I doubt Fiverr will EVER offer the seller a chance to respond to a buyer’s comments. They don’t care enough about its sellers to do so. I’ve been here for years. Things are ALWAYS slanted in the direction of the buyers.


* We will add the option to respond to a buyer’s review after the review was published. the response will appear under the buyer’s review in the gig page.
From here: :slightly_smiling_face:

Some good news. :sun_with_face:


A buyer lied in a one star review and said he had purchased my gig twice and said I lied to him to get him to buy it, not is those words but basically. I had never even had a message from him at all before he got my gig, and it was just once that he purchased it.


That’s awful! How frustrating! Was Customer Support helpful in any way? They NEVER have been for me. Sad!


Your new description is wayyyyy much better.

I understand your frustration (I warned this could happen since the first day Fiverr announced the new system) but just don’t care too much about it, people won’t be looking at this particular comment as the rating left by the buyer wasn’t that bad.


Well - I hate to say this - but I’ll believe it when I see it. Thanks for passing this info along. If true I guess it’s better than nothing.


Thanks. It just really bothers me when people misrepresent the truth. Especially when doing so on my behalf. I take my job performance very seriously. I treated that buyer with kindness and decency. Even gave her a free re-check on my dime. Just proves you can’t please everyone, no matter what you do.