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Fiverr Review System 😡

I want To Share Something With you its important and i hope this article will be helpful for you and your account So i requested you Read Carefully :heart:

  • One Person Place The Order On My Gig Successfully i have done And Complete Delivery After Sometime Buyer Give a review 2.7 rating than i’m contact with buyer i’m said to buyer if you facing issue please share with me i will Obviously help you he said me i’m facing issue Transparent background after that i’m complete guide how to use Transparent mov file in filmora editing software Buyer Realise he Mistakenly wrong review he Said me How to Change Review than i’m said you can contact Costumer Support he said me i don’t have more time he said to me you will contact cs and ask me to change review on buyer demand than i’m contact fiverr support CS Directly Flag my account without reading conservation i’m said costumer support i’m request on buyer demand and i’m not against fiverr support than i contact Buyer , buyer also said me i have already submit request but he don’t reply me i’m confuse now what i do without any thing he flat my account + My Rating Down nothing my mistake i have Complete Read policy Please Help me Guys

I’m so sorry to hear this @nadeemkhadim
Maybe there’s a misunderstanding on the part of the seller.

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Looks like not :wink:

Unfortunately you can do anything. Reviews can not be changed on fiverr.

And when you asked your client what’s the issue and why they left you 2.7 review that’s when you violated fiverr TOS.

Never ever discuss reviews with your buyers.


I understood 1 percent of what you just wrote…but I guess he left a 2.7 star review. There’s nothing you could do now. Move on and forget about it.


i’m not said to buyer why you left 2.7 rating just i’m asked to buyer what problem are you facing i’m solve just problem after complete satisfied first buyer said me how to change review i’m attached screenshot you can see
than i’m said you can contact CS This is not against Policy in feedback

  • Only tell buyers to reach out to support if they asked you first about removing their feedback.

Customer Support only removes feedback, which violates our Terms of Service (TOS).

i dont care about 2.7 Rating i have now 4.9 Level one But Fiverr is not fair with Seller Everytime fiverr more support buyer

Exactly. Your buyer was not the first one to discuss reviews.

It’s actually even worse what you did. You told your client That you disappointed in the review and his actions. That’s shaming and blaming which is considered review manipulation, that’s why you received your warning.



This is review solicitation resulting in account ban.


You are not allowed to discuss about reviews with your buyer ,it’s as easy as that…Reading and following the rules is always a great idea.


Remove User´s name from your screenshots please. This is not allowed on forum.

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It’s not the same thing. Physical abuse and reviews are totally different things. And it’s written in rules that you can not pressure your client or discuss reviews with them.

Your client was not the first one to initiate review conversation and that’s why you got a warning.
No matter what reasons you had to ask him about the review it’s still not allowed.


One Side Fiverr Said to Seller Improve Your self How i can improve without known mine mistake ? Same thing i’m said to buyer share you problem i can resolve everything after that buyer also said me i have mistakenly wrong review you can also see in previous photos

Thank you brother i have remove screenshot

And after that you added that you are disappointed in the review :woman_shrugging: Pushing your client to say that now they want to change a review.

I’m surprised that you still don’t see where you made a mistake.
You are not allowed to discuss or mention reviews to your client.

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Reviews can’t be changed , discussing about them after your buyer left you a review is useless . Sellers are not allowed to discuss about reviews with their buyers , not sure what’s not clear…


So i think Remove this From Feedback policy
Customer Support only removes feedback, which violates our Terms of Service (TOS).
Feedback that violates our TOS would contain false statements or abuse towards the seller.

if the buyer Wrong Review (False Statement ) So i can can Solve He said ne Review Cheap Resolution but i’m Provide Perfect Thing in 4K Quality

You’re totally blind to the fact that you breached TOS. I don’t understand what your problem is.

Fiverr TOS:
“Sellers may not solicit the removal of feedback reviews from
their Buyers through mutual cancellations.”

Seller can ask Fiverr CS to change their own review.
I have done once…, ask fiverr CS to change my own review…, and they allow it
(BUT it happen two years ago)
If your buyer give us false review…, you can response their review professionally, explain about their review.

Am I wrong?

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Buyer Statement is (Cheap Resolution) But i’m Provide Everything Perfect in HD Resolution
When i’m Contact CS So Costumer Support Will be Said Prof that This is Wrong Statement i 'm contact Buyer And Communication After Complete Communication Buyer Also Realise He Wrong Review Now My Support Request + My Buyer Support Request Both is Same Thing To Change Review Costumer Support Not Focus on Review Case he is Focus on TOS And directly Flag my Account
Seller is Satisfied + Buyer Satisfied But Fiverr is not Satisfied :unamused:

I read all comments here who replied on your topic. But Why you don’t understand?

1. You can’t ask/discuss with the client about the review and ratings
2. Reviews can not be changed on fiverr

Just keep in mind and Forgot about what’s happened to you.

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