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My name is Roy.

i just want to saying fiverr is cool for me. i love fiverr

BUT fiverr support team didn’t reply to my question i have three main issue and before a weak i post on and today is 1 weak didn’t get any response from fiverr support team.

Please Fiverr help

i am using fiverr almost 2 years and fiverr is easy to earn money for me

but i didn’t get any reply from

Their average response time seems to be 9 days, so you might have to wait a bit more.

Also, the Support doesn’t read the forum, so posting here won’t get their attention.

They are getting massive amount of tickets. Over 10k tickets in several days according to the ticket numbers. I’m surprised it takes as little as a week usually to get a reply, as they need to read and go through each of them carefully, and not just copy and paste a reply.

So a big thumbs up from me! They have helped me many times with all kinds of weirdos and site issues. :x Definitely worth the wait.

Although there should be a priority help system in place for urgent issues where something does not work. And abusing that would get penalties to make only needy people use it.


See you in another two years!

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You came back here after two years to check for replies to your question?

Let us now ponder the wonder of the human condition and its many mysteries.

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Either a time warp or a coma probably.