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Hey ! I just wanted to ask. What’s the number of stars of a good review please ? And if i don’t give my rating to a client who does, does his review show up in my account ?

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5 stars is max. Seller first fills in the review, then buyer’s review appears.

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Anything from 3 stars to 5 stars is good.

Some Sellers get twisted out of shape with a 4.7 star rating as if it’s an insult.

Ah, but don’t let the math confuse you as there will be times when a Buyer will NOT leave a review.

Sometimes no review is better than a BAD review.

In my opinion, the reviews mean nothing.

Sure, if your overall rating is 2 stars or less it will scare off some Buyers, but what if you are talented and you just started and you only have three or four ratings, right?

It’s tough to get established but don’t put a lot of faith in the rating system being the deciding factor on the volume of work you get.

I have a number of 4 star ratings and one 2 star rating.

My overall rating is 5 stars simply because I have hundreds of ratings and those crappy ones get lost in the math.

I hope this helps.


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Reviews are very important in the start of fiverr career. If you don’t review your client then nothing happens but for a long term, when you review your client , he will read that review and maybe just because of your words he hires you again. The client review is much important so just try to get 5 star review every time.


As I stated, it’s my opinion.

Thanks for respecting it.


I respect your opinion and I strongly disagree at the same time with this meme that represents my opinion.


Fair enough.

For me, I don’t care about badges, rankings, clicks, impressions or reviews.

But I also just use Fiverr as one of several streams of freelance income, which is probably why I feel the way I do about these things.

If Fiverr were my only source of work, I’m sure I’d have a different opinion.



right now it’s 76 i’ve done so far. one review is very bad, rests of them are all 5

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I have approximately 50 reviews of 5 stars and 4 of them 4.9 stars so i have now 4.9 stars and i tought that if sellers don’t see 5 stars they won’t order. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Haha thank you. It helps

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If you don’t give the client a rating (that gets shown on the client’s profile) after the client’s review the client’s review will show on your profile and gigs page about 10 days after it was written.

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So I’d better give a review right ?

You give a review, you get to see buyer’s review. Seller’s first.

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If you want their review to show up immediately after. Otherwise if you don’t mind waiting 10 days you can just wait. Some buyers might not want a seller’s review of them on their profile though, eg. for privacy.

So if i wait it won’t show up right ? Im confused lol

Reviews are important, as said by one other seller, rather don’t get a review than a bad review.

Why a 5 or a 4.7 review is good, is it will keep you in the front pages of the searches. If you hit under 4.7 your gig may disappear further back. I only have 5 stars rating and one 4.7 rating and a buyer gave me a 4.3 rating. It make this gig go back ‘pages’ in the searches and it took months to recover.

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If the buyer left you a review. It will become visible to you and to the rest of the world in 10 days time, no matter if you review the buyer or not.

If the buyer leaves you a review and you review the buyer, both reviews become visible the moment you submit your review.

There is no hiding reviews.


See what @enunciator said. If the buyer reviews your gig, their review will show up either after you review them or, if you don’t review them, their review will show up 10 days later.

When I said:

I was saying some buyers may not want the seller’s review of them to show up on their (the buyer’s) profile (for privacy etc.) as some buyers may not want info about what they buy to see be easily seen just by viewing their (the buyer’s) profile. That’s where not leaving a review of the buyer (on the buyer’s profile) could make those buyers happier while also getting the buyer’s review on your profile/gig.

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