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Fiverr Revision Process - Needs a lot of work

I went through the forum after having an issue with a recent buyer and found that I was not the first one to have this issue, in fact threads have been opened at least once a year to address/complain about this issue. I wonder if anyone thinks this will ever be resolved by Fiverr?

Currently you can allow as many or as few revisions to your deliveries as you want. However, there is literally NOTHING that prevents a buyer from rejecting your deliveries and requesting more revisions, even if you have stated they are limited. Why is this? Why can Fiverr not prompt a buyer to either complete the gig or buy more revisions once they’ve used up the ones included in the gig?

I have always offered one revision and it’s never been an issue. Last week I had a buyer request three revisions to her gig which were not actual issues with the delivery, but prolonged the process. I was so confused as to why she was able to continuously request revisions when I have them limited to one.

Once I FINALLY got the buyer to accept the delivery I reached out to support and was told they recommend I ‘tell the buyer I have a limited number of revisions and to please complete the order’. Are they serious? This system is basically set up to take advantage of the seller and I know from reading the forum that some buyers absolutely exploit this flaw.

Why has this not been fixed/changed in all the years that it has been brought up and complained about in these forums? Are there any site updates on the way that would address this major flaw?


As the seller it’s your responsibility to charge for those extra revisions, you found many threads regarding this topic so I’m sure you must have found many threads talking about how to go about charging for these extra revisions.

Here’s a great response you can use as a starting point by @imagination7413.

Personally I find nothing wrong with the current setup, whilst it’s true that you could encounter difficult buyers who just smash the revision button, I don’t think Fiverr can hold your hand every step of the way, you’ve got to learn to take control of the situation. That’s just from my experiences anyway.


Interesting that they haven’t addressed that yet. I found out about that maybe 2 years ago and I guess it’s still a thing now eh haha

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Thanks for the link and the script, l have noted it for future use and I agree it could be useful with some buyers, however my issue still stands.

According to the Support member I spoke to, if a buyer requests a revision, as a seller if you’ve explained the situation to them and they refuse to complete the order, your only recourse is either to deliver ANOTHER free delivery or cancel the gig. Am I wrong? Because if that’s the case that’s a problem and one Fiverr could easily solve with a few lines of code.

Fiverr has an excellent setup with a lot of automated messages to keep things moving. When a seller limits the number of revisions and the buyer has used those up this should automatically prompt the website to remove the option to request more revisions. They should only have the option to purchase other gig extras or complete the order.


After read your comment, i was think if in our GIG REQUIREMENTS we add an option with a checkmark written: This GIG offers 3 revisions, all additional revision will coust X$.


So basically it’s like “unlimited” revisions then (if the buyer chooses to press that reject button again and again), right?

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Exactly. You can limit them but the buyer doesn’t really have to honor that.


That’s a good idea too. I think I’ll add that in, thanks! (I still think Fiverr should make this automatic but since they haven’t…)


Fiverr’s all about the customer satisfaction. It’s not up to them (and by extension, yourself) to tell the buyer when they are satisfied by limiting their options of reaching the satisfaction with the product (that’s me paraphrasing a CS response on the matter someone has posted here a few months back). In short, the revision button is working as intended.

What I found working for myself is reminding every buyer that they have 2 free revisions, they can purchase another 2 and that no unlimited revisions are possible. I haven’t had to deal with revision button abusers in years. You try to be strict with your rules but also give them some wiggle room (which you get compensated for) and most of the time it does the job.


I wouldn’t consider limiting the buyer’s options to ‘complete’ or ‘purchase more revisions’ to be telling the buyer when they are satisfied, I would rather call that reminding the buyer that the seller’s time is valuable and discourage abuse. I also would point out that as sellers we forfeit a portion of our payment to Fiverr, which makes US (sellers) their customers as well. It’s their job to protect both buyers and sellers on their site and I think the Revision process could use some work in this area.

That being said I’ve gotten some good ideas from this thread and will be putting them in place, hopefully it will not continue to be an issue. Thanks!

Whoever you spoke to in CS is just awful.

Take what I say with a grain of salt because each circumstance and every field is different, but I’ve personally never offered any revisions and when they’ve been requested I’ve always re-delivered the work along with a message similar to the one I linked you to, as well as a follow up with an offer using the image button so the buyer can decide whether they’d like the revision or not.

Now, I don’t get many customers asking for revisions, I pride myself in getting it right the first time most of the time, but I have had the odd client here and there who attempted to abuse the system and I can’t say I’ve ever buckled. One time I ended up with a 4.7 rating and I can imagine the private questionnaire didn’t go too well for me, but I really don’t care as long as I get paid.

Can it be draining having to deal with these kind of customers? Sure. Is avoiding a low rating and not getting paid an option? Personally, I don’t think it is. Stand your ground and get your money.

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