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Fiverr revisions is useless for seller


plz clear me one thing.
We offer revision for example 3 or 4

but i still didn’t understood that yet my buyers are taking revisions as much revisions as they wanted then what this 3-4 revisions mean.



Revisions have no importance.


then why that “how many revisions” options is there plz let me know?


You can state your revision policy in your gig description. But, it’s up to you to enforce the policy.

If you offer 3 revisions and the buyer requests 4, 5 or 6, you should inform them that they have maximised their allowance. Next, consider sending a custom offer if they need any further work.


@mrproofreading is right. You have to enforce it. If they are taking advantage it is because you’re allowing it. If they keep persisting, talk to customer service.


ok thanks guys but i am just a level 1 now


Being level 1 has zero relevance to the discussion.


thats true dear,thanks for your message and if you anyone can tell me when we can get level 2 then it will be great.




thanks dear