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Fiverr rewarding, facinating yet illusive


So far I started my journey with fiverr 2 month ago. In this two months I have read 1.1k topics in fiverr. Where some guys say some tricks. Tried to apply them for catch buyer. But still no luck I mean no order yet. Someone I have seen having lots of order under my nose. But goodluck seems not shining on my fate, simultaneously not a single dollar in my pocket also.

And still I am here, not giving up my hopes. Marketting with 7 gigs of which the best hope my gig of Forms not buzzing anything. Even not finding it in the marjet wen searched with the gig title.
Can anyone pls check that and tell me whether any problem with that one? Anything need to do with that?

Pls give me some goid advise where I need to give effort. I have been sharing them in social media tweeter, facebook, linked in even I tried instgram some time. But nothing seems working. Then I started to pray in the morning and evening. Asking for my friends and family to pray for me. Illusive what I said in the topic is the truth.
Hope for the best yet waiting patiently.


Perhaps your customers aren’t located on social media. You need to do some research to find where your customers ARE located, and go promote your gigs in those places.

I admire those who have faith, however, I should probably point out… don’t the gods of most religions still require those who believe in them to do work to achieve goals in this life? Prayer is admirable, but it isn’t going to solve all of your problems for you. You still need to take responsibility for the success you wish to achieve. No one is going to magically do everything for you. Gods require action, just as you need to take determined action-steps to achieve the goals you set out for yourself.

Sitting back and waiting patiently for things to happen has never built any empire. Empires – like successful businesses – require action, perseverance, strategy, and follow-through. If you’re not willing to take responsibility for your own goals, and take action to achieve them, then you’re probably going to end up sitting in the mud of life, watching as everyone else builds their empires around you.

Success on Fiverr is not built by sitting back and waiting for things to happen. It is built by determination and hard work. There’s a reason why Fiverr chose the phrase, “In Doers We Trust” as their brand tagline. Fiverr want’s doers. If you want to be successful, YOU need to be a doer too.


Persistence and patient is the key, just keep on going.


Thanks for your wise comments on my post.
Actually I am also thinking of that point that, " Where all the customers gone!"
And definitle not all customers located in the social media. But sharing on media make the gig boost so come to first/2nd/3rd page of searching. So can be seen by the customer. And customers definitely have their look on fiverr. And perceverence is the only way besides pray to get succeeded. I have been doing a job in day time. But night time I am doing programming works #learning, #practicing, #marketing my gigs, #bidding to buyers requests.

I have enrolled in PHP+ My SQL recently😀. Brought even more pressure on myself. Last couple of days couldn’t get any chance to sleep. Who am I gonna blame except myself.

Thanks for the support and inthusiasm. Moreover your experrience and guideline will certainly help us guppy grow.

Best regards