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Fiverr ripped off money

Fiverr suddenly disabled my account and didn’t pay the money I earned on Fiverr.
They claim that I did comments that discriminates a certain national.
I am a service provider and got an inquiry from someone.
He insisted that I do service for him for only 5 dollars, and I refused saying I don’t live in a country like the one that the person belongs to.
Then he claimed that I discriminated him and blocked communication.
He calimed to Fiverr management and they disabled my account without examining the whole communication with him.
I explained to Fiverr many times that there is a misunderstanding but Fiverr doesn’t respond.
The date they disabled my account is a day before I could withdraw money.
Did they robbed my money?
What should I do to solve this?


I’m a little confused. Why would you bring up the person’s country?


That’s all you needed to say, nothing else.

No - there should be a part in their message to you that you’ll be able to withdraw your funds after 90 days.

Speak to CS. They may not like the fact that you’ve opened another account - I think you need permission to open a new account if you’ve previously had one closed down.


Sellers will be able to withdraw their revenues from disabled accounts after a safety period of 90 days following full verification of ownership of the account in question, from the day of the last cleared payment received in their account and subject to Fiverr’s approval.

The above is from the Terms of Service which you will find at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Only Customer Support can help you with this.


why you become so rude and discussed someone’s country?

so bad. it should be clear that you are not intersted.

For all the people jumping on the discrimination gravy train here, show some respect.

You have a situation here where two people who speak two different first languages are likely communicating in a third language. It is absolutely possible that things can get lost in translation and that certain ways of saying things can be misinterpreted.

If anyone says “Sorry, I don’t work with people from XXXXX.” - That can be defined as discrimination.

As it is, I think Fiverr is more guilty of discrimination by:

  • Not taking into account language/cultural barriers
  • Not issuing a warning first or reaching out to have a problem clarified
  • Automatically siding with a buyer who the seller has not worked with and has no commitment to whatsoever.

Also, has anyone noticed how there seem to be more female Fiverr users who get immediate bans, rather than warnings for matters which they don’t seem to fully understand? Or how biased Fiverr is toward sellers? Or how there are usually more people from predominantly non-white non-Caucasian countries complaining about chargebacks, warnings, and account suspensions?

Possibly it’s all just a coincidence.


It would be good if there was a newsletter spelling out to sellers exactly what is not allowed in these instances, so that sellers are given clear concise, easy to understand directions about things like making discriminating statements, using improper language, communicating in a rude way, empty deliveries, and any other things that happen that can cause a seller to be banned.

It would be very helpful, as a lot of sellers seem to be caught off guard when they get banned for these things.

In some cultures there may not be any awareness of the inappropriateness of making discriminating statements for example. That is the impression I am getting in this case.

This is possibly the first time a seller has even considered this. I know how improbable this sounds, but I can see how someone who is not well informed of some things could not realize the inappropriateness of this.


You didn’t need to mention any country at all. You could easily say:

“I am sorry, but my pricing is $$$, and I can’t get you discount, as it wouldn’t be fair to other buyers who are paying full price”

And that is it. For your other revenue, you will have chance after 90 days like other said.


@monomon I can assure you that fiverr will give you your money after 90 days.

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I guess I’ll jump on the bandwagon here. She may of not needed to mention the country but still I don’t think Fiverr should jump to the conclusion that by doing so her intent was to discriminate. I have had more than my share of misunderstandings with Fiverr CS and more than once they jump to conclusions without fully investigating the situation. So there may be a lesson for both situations.


I would like to see the actual conversation between the seller and the other person. I think how it was worded would be interesting to see.

My imagination is suggesting various derogatory things the seller could have said.

This emphasizes the importance of very professional communication at all times. There can’t be anything said that could be misinterpreted.

There must never be any mention of anyone’s country for any reason.

My friend’s wife is Japanese. She is wonderful and would never wish to willfully cause offense to anyone. However, when we used to work together, I often found her to come across as very condescending. I can completely imagine her saying to me “no, Andy, this might be how you want to work in the UK but here in Japan things are different.” (Random context not meant to reflect the nature of the OP’s communication in any way).

That said. Maybe the next time I don’t get the answer I want, I’ll call her boss and insist that she’s fired.

As for the newsletter idea, this is nice. However, in reality, it would end up being a never-ending newsletter.

Watch out for drooped deliveries! Deliver early and double check your file sent. Now also redownload files to check they have uploaded correctly, now screenshot every delivery. Now, remember never make references to buyer locations in messages. Screenshot everything in case they say you did and Fiverr bans you without giving you an opportunity to explain…

It would go on and on like an OCD persons house cleaning schedule.

First thing I’d assume is that the seller said or meant something like “I’m from x, which happens to be a country with a high cost of living, so I can’t accommodate your wish to do this work for you for $5. If I lived in (country of buyer, assuming not a country with high CoL), I might do it for $5.”
Which I wouldn’t really consider discriminatory myself, but explanatory, but that might just be me.
Either way, especially seeing that the buyer insisted on them working for them for $5… the buyer might not really have a business to feel too easily insulted in my opinion.

Of course, it pretty much might come down to the exact wording here, on both sides, and seeing OP’s title for their topic, their wording might have been a bit brash.
That again may or may not be due to a language barrier.

I’m generally also thinking that people who don’t speak English too well are at a disadvantage when there are issues with customers and or support.
That again, well, I think it does say somewhere in ToS or other Fiverr info that you need to be able to communicate well in English to use the platform. If that again is fair or not or discriminatory or not, I’d say is another question that Fiverr might have to pose themselves.
On the one side profiting from sellers with language skills that may get them into hot water if things happen and on the other not examining enough to make sure it wasn’t just language problems that led to an issue is at the least something to think about.

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It could have been something like “In ******* people are happy to work for a month for $5 but in MY country that’s nothing.” And then blocking communication from that person. However I doubt it was like that. Whatever it was, the person was sufficiently insulted to notify CS.

That’s why a newsletter would make more sense though :wink: especially since newsletters tend to come by mail and would reach every seller (well, those who bother checking their mail) and not just those who observe the forum for any new rules, bugs and things, check ToS regularly for any updates, or the Help Center.

I agree though that some things would have no end, especially you can’t tell people from any culture the ins and outs of any other culture. :upside_down_face:

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I see no harm in mentioning possible reasons to be banned. However since we are not employees, that might be a reason they choose not to give explicit directions to sellers.