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Fiverr rips you off

Scumbags that are represented by Fiverr take your money and Fiverr does nothing. Does not answer emails or requests for refund- hows that?

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Kindly remove country name, I can name many people from first world countries who scammed me.


What is the exact situation? I am not sure I understand what happened to you.

I believe this post belongs into the ranting pot, but like fogi mentioned above,
it would be helpful if you can be a bit more clear.
Personally I don’t think Fiverr rips you off, it’s usually the bad buyers/sellers who does that.
True, Fiverr’s system isn’t perfect and in some cases those bad people do get away but in other cases CS can be helpful.
Did you try contacting CS?

If you received an order that was either incomplete or not up to the standards set by the Gig ordered, you have the option to ask for a revision or open a dispute. If the seller is being unreasonable, that is when you can take it to Fiverr admin. Your story does not give enough detail to see if you are even harmed here. There are always 2 sides.