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Fiverr rocks and you can make it, too if

…you really listen and immediately do!

I did my first voice over recording with my
cell phone and god knows, i really tried in every
corner of my home. And this recording was paid…
more of this it was broadcasted on a national tv channel.

The first recording is always the most difficult.

But one should always keep it on that level. Staying
a beginner is good. Being called a professional is
ok, but should not change anything in your
attitudes. Just be yourself and stay yourself.

I currently offer my voice over services and
record for companies from all over
the world. I am really happy to work with such
different and amazing people. Some crazy ones
are represented there, too. Don’t worry. Its ok.:slight_smile:

Whatever you do. Love what you do. Do what you
love! This is said a million times and it is true!

Fiverr is a great platform and if you keep working
honestly and hard, if you follow the guidelines
fiverr implicitly laid out for you then you will step
by step understand that there is a great team
on the fiverr side who really works hard to
contribute to your success and happiness.

Keep it real and take a step back from time to time.

Have a great success!

Best regards
Sabahattin Cakiral


Looking forward to Fiverr’s magic!