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Fiverr rocks

A lot of people say fiverr sucks. Well, I am here to say that it doesn’t. It changed my life. I got so many reputation working in this great marketplace. Earned a lot of moneys here since joining. I wish I could be TRS soon. Guys pray for me. Thank you.

That’s great ro hear. Thanks for posting

robinehsan i’m happy to now about your successful sale on fiverr

i but i’m not happy with fiverr because i have made good gigs with full description and also good profile but still not getting buyers i only receive only 1 order from fiverr still help me thanks…

I have also got the opportunity to work with businesses in different niches. This variety gives creativity new wings and work satisfaction too. :slight_smile:

The only people saying “fiverr sucks” are the ones not making any money on Fiverr. I don’t know why they’re complaining, Fiverr is super-easy. On Elance sellers have to pay if they want to advertise outside their main category, I also remember wasting valuable time taking tests to prove my skills, with no orders. Then you’re competing with a ton of guys from complicated jobs that barely pay anything.

On Fiverr you have the power, you know what’s worth $5 to you.

you are welcome and pray for me also

Glad to hear that…

B-) Thank you.

I agree! Congrats on doing so well! Life is what we make it.

@robinehsan congrats

Reply to @osman_shahbaz: Now you are a Level 2 Seller!! Congrats man!

Reply to @mohinip: Keep working mate.

Reply to @hasanrubel: Yes. I did.

Reply to @writerlisaz: Thank you.