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Fiverr Rotation Time Period

I recently became a victim of Fiverr Rotation
All of sudden, my gigs have been positioned at the last page

So I believe this happened because of Fiverr rotation algorithm

Does anyone know the time period of Fiverr Rotation

To be more specific, For how many days it lasts

It’s already been 10-15 days but still on the last page


many of us facing gig rotation. my gigs are on the 11th page for one 1month now. so I don’t think there is specific time period. use this time to work on your new gigs.


I heard that this could be happening because of not updating the gig from long time

on fiverr forum, some users have mentioned that by updating the gig you could restore the ranking

but some of users also mentioned that updating the gig could make a bad impact on ranking


The Gig Rotation period is unknown.

If we all knew that it was 12.5 days or whatever, I can assure you that some Sellers would game the system and you would be posting on the Forum the question:

“Why Do Some Sellers Beat The Fiverr Rotation?” or something like that.

Just be patient.

The rotation will get back to you sooner or later.

You can speed it up by not telling your friends to join Fiverr as that will reduce the number of Gigs getting rotated.


do you get a single order in this 1 month period ??

Gig rotation happens every day, not every 12.5 days.

I think it’s not about rotation, it’s about how you reach customers with your tags, title, description and images :wink:
just think when a customer wants to buy something here: “oh I’m going to want a logo design that is nice” then that customer will put the following in the search bar “nice logo design” :wink:

I think you didn’t get his point! He is just giving an example

He said that if we knew the time period of gig rotation in advance, then people would somehow exploit this thing


same thing happened to me! it’s been two weeks now. no improvements

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Let’s say you find out the exact rotation period. What do you do?

You cannot manipulate anything. It’s advanced stuff no one could figure out.

Gig rotation does happen! No doubt about it

I even recently contacted Fiverr support team regarding this

and this was the response from them

“As for our algorithm, please bear in mind that our indexing algorithm is automatic and changes frequently, however, this is temporary and that re-indexing of Gigs happens constantly and sometimes, Gigs with great ratings can get pushed back.”

This makes clear that gig rotation happens irrespective of your good performance

This way, new sellers also get chance to be on first page

and this is what makes Fiverr unqiue from other freelancing platform

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I do not have answer to this question

I just explained to you that what he is trying to convey

but manipulation is possible

There are many people out there, who knows how to turn the table!

Many people think this is possible, many use exchanges of reviews, but wake up with blocked accounts after a while. I don’t understand the purpose and the risk, sooner or later the accounts will be blocked and you will wonder why?

I never said that Fiverr system can be compromised

All I’m saying is that we cannot ignore the possibilty of manipulation and exploitation

Big tech giants spends millions of dollars each year to make their system more secure

Such possibilities arises when we don’t update ourselves with time

I know that.

I was using 12.5 as an example.

But thanks.

I’ve been with this problem for more than 3 MONTHS!!, my gigs in the last pages, almost no questions or orders, I had to look for another source of income because apparently fiverr forgot about good sellers.

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i am stuck in 11th page since then nothing seems to be working. I got only 5 new orders this month.
I was doing an average of 120+ orders each month.

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I am also facing this more than 2 months from now.

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2-3 weeks gone still no order man.

I don’t know why its happens. And What’s the solution