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Fiverr rules about inviting people


Actually, I have a question. If I’ll invite someone to join fiverr and after joining fiverr can he buy my gig?
Is there any problem on that case?



The answer is the same as the one with the neighbor.

If that person knows you and reviews you, it can be seen as review manipulation. As if you invited that person just to get a great rating from them.


It can be seen has review manipulation.


Best not. I’ve got a couple of people who I know socially first and workwise second place. Just because of the commission aspect, it’s not worth bringing them over to Fiverr.


Thank you everyone for your reply.


It can be seen has review manipulation.


Unfortunately, there are many who use this technique. I just saw 250-300 at one of my competitors, only from one buyer in 60 days.All orders of $ 5, all without being seen in the portfolio. If he used this technique, it is no longer a competition.