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Fiverr rules for every new user

Always maintain Fiverr rules, if you want to go long-time journey.


Yep. Always worth following the rules if you value your account.

I see it’s your birthday today. Happy birthday.


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Any one tell me about fiverr warning. From last night ,I am not able to send buyer request to customers.

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What did the warning message say? Had you been sending offers in response to requests in the buyer requests section?

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The warning is that “You are restricted to send your offer to customers.”
Yes I wanted to send my offer to my customers but I was restricted to send custom offer.

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So you’d sent offer(s) to buyers who had messaged you and they’d asked for a custom offer/how much something would be?
If so, I can’t see why Fiverr would disallow it unless they thought you were spamming or something.
Did you message other sellers offering your services?

I assume you didn’t advertise your services in the buyer requests section as that isn’t allowed.

Maybe the message is saying you’re only allowed to send offers to customers now and not others.

Maybe contact the support desk and ask them if it isn’t clear what you did wrong to get that warning/what it’s about exactly.

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yes of course. its very important