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Fiverr Running all Gig not showing in Search list

**“Please Help me” Last 3/4 Month My one Gig was in the first Page. but the Last 30 days we can’t find my any gigs? and have no any New Buyer Order. I am searching from another device and can’t find them even with filters for local sellers.**Now we are Level 2 Seller


Do you edit your gig?

No, Our top gig 50 Reviews and Rating 5 Star

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in time, many seller gigs are down. please be patient.

I am waiting a long time but I could not find a solution. I very Frustration for it. Long time have No new Buyer and New Order.


If you edit your gig then you will lose your position

This has been happening to many sellers lately. It’s so frustrating. Fiverr has been notified about this but they keep given generic custom reply to everyone.

so sad, We can’t see my any gig in search List.

I have had the same problem, I am a level 2 seller my gigs have gone or been placed very low even with recent deliveries and 5 star ratings. Not sure how this helps sellers.

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don’t worry you are not the only one a lot of people are facing this issue fiverr team is working to resolve it. In the mean time try to add new tags to your gig along with new title and image. Surely something good will happen

Not only you, Many sellers including me facing the same issue. I did everything I could do to get my gigs back to first page as they were. All my effort was useless so far. Hope fiverr team resolve it very soon. Otherwise many sellers will be in a big trouble.

Every rated seller is facing a drought currently

yes. we hope shortly Fiverr solve it

yes, it’s a big problem for us

Anyone should update us the moment this is fixed