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Fiverr’s Editorial Team Invited Me to Create a GIG?

Hi Fiverrer’s
Like the title says I’ve been invited to create a GIG in the audio category. I am a long term Voice Over on here primarily.
I’m assuming this is a privileged “Hand Picked” deal? Funny thing is the GIG they are wanting me to create is not typical for what I offer . Assuming this is for entry into the “Fiverr Business Catalog”.
Can anyone enlighten me on this.


thats really great they handpicked you

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As a long term seller and Top Rated Seller I was also invited to do a special gig for catalogs. But I can barely handle all the orders I have now, so I didn`t create it yet.

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They are trying to populate new categories.

I just got a request for a different type of gig.

I am jumping at the opportunity for several reasons:

A) I will be one of a handful of sellers claiming that white space

B) if Fiverr wants to create a new vertical then it means they know that demand is high

C) Promoting said gig to the new “Fiverr for business” crowd is going to definitely move the needle initially, making up for any upfront effort setting up a gig

So even though that category is out of my comfort zone, I am going to take the plunge.


Thanks frank, That encouraged me.
I am invited for different service and its also out of my confer zone so decided to leave it but I think you made a good point and I should grab the opportunity !

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Sure. If you can provide a quality service, then go for it.


appreciating , go ahead

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This is the answer I wanted … Not sure why they just can’t take a current GIG and run with that… I have no deep desire do audio books… Interesting though what logic goes into these picks.

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