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Fiverr safety 101: How to prevent your Account from Funds been wiped OVERNIGHT!

Hello there,
Due to recent lament about sellers getting there funds wiped off overnight, I was just running a check through and I found this on YouTube which I believe it helpful for Security people.

Say thanks to the owner if you like it :

Link : [pending review]

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I couldn’t understand one word he said.

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He’s basically talking about keyloggers and that you should be careful about what you’re downloading from the Buyer Request page.

I didn’t even feel safe clicking that youtube link lol thanks

While your YouTube video is pending, it would be helpful to understand why you, Tolu, have your gig up with a female name. Even if Annie is a pseudonym, it is also curious that your profile say you are in the United “State” but your YT video and Fiverr profile seem to be outside the USA. The video is hard to understand, but maybe you explained in the video. Could you clear that up so the video can be verified?

I kind of want to see the video due to all these glowing reviews now. May someone furnish me with a link to this Oscar-winning performance?

It’s not very high quality (audio/video wise) and it share common knowledge tips, and that’s that you don’t randomly click on everything you see on the interwebz.

You’re welcome.

Does it have awful transitions, too many annotations and at least one “special FX”?

I wasn’t sure what language he was speaking.
He had a shot of his screen with the mouse pointing at things, and it was fuzzy and hard to see. I couldn’t make out any of it. (apologies to annie if that was you dude)

Not really, it’s just low quality wise, low bitrate and whatnot, but information are okay, pretty common knowledge.

It was not intelligible or or viewable.


Fiverr really has to do something to protect sellers from spammers activities. Have been getting quite a number of messages not relating to my gig. One saying he/she is a general wanting me to help in transferring some funds. Lord knows. Don’t know who told him/her am the ‘Bank of America’ or the likes. Fiverr please help us check these activities so we don’t start counting loss sooner or later. Thanks!

@fonthaunt Well…”Annie” is short for “ANNA” an acronym for “Automaton Nuclear Neo-human Android”, his full profile name “AnniePro” is short for “Automaton Nuclear Neo-human Android Professional”. As for the avatar/profile image of the lady, she is the actual ‘founder’ of said nuclear technology…

I can see where the confusion could occur, cheers… :grinning:


Well, The owner was basically talking about how people get ripped of their account due to downloading RATTED contents to their PCs on the buyers section. I followed the mouse move up to understand all what the message is all about. It’s simply all about running a VirusTotal check for a file you want to download, With that you could determine if the file is safe or not to download.

That’s it…

It was definitely Anni, AKA whatever name was on the video. I can’t elaborate, but there is no doubt.

That’s very helpful as well as a good plot. Can I have it?

Listen, Tolu, if you want to post about your YT videos with genuinely helpful information, you don’t have to fake it. I realize you are using a female picture and name (and location) here and probably don’t want that to be obvious. The thing is, it is fairly obvious anyway, and with some forum tools, it is exceptionally obvious.

Your video is hard to understand but otherwise it would be able to stay on the forum - except - the particular virus tool you recommend in the video is not approved for use on the Fiverr forum.

Another thing I would recommend - you might want to watch out with this kind of post. You’ve already got a good chance of Customer Support taking a closer look at your account because of this, and if they track things like your IP, your email address (which still tracks fine even if you are using a proxy) they are going to see who you are, what domains you own, etc. You are on dangerous ground with your seller account.

Other that that, the post can stay since your text respose above still gives the information you want to impart. As long as you don’t give out any more URL’s, your advice for others can stay.